Animate Solutions is a digital consultancy agency that is responsible for providing excellent Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions in Nigeria and beyond. We specialize in Business Process Automation and Support - using software solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Ezee Frontdesk, Ezee Burrp, Soft4 Real Estate, etc. The aim and nature of you do will determine the tools and technologies to be used in facilitating the growth of your business.
However, we also execute services such as:

  •  Implementation / Setup of new software solutions,

  •  Maintenance of already existing systems,

  •  Business Development,

  •  Business Process Automation,

  •  Procurement and outsourcing of digital equipment, and

  •  Support Services

Our Skills

We specialise in digital consulting, enterprise resource planning (ERP), business process automation, as well as software analysis and design.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 85%
Business Process Automation 75%
Digital Consulting 80%
Software Systems Analysis and Design 90%